02 November 2015

From F.Renault 2.0 ALPS all the way up to 2015 Renault Sport Trophy title. An astonishing career so far for Dario Capitanio


The scholarship is the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS one, where Capitanio raced for two seasons before joining this year the Renault Sport Trophy. At his first ever experience with cars different than formulas, in the Series that runs the new R.S. 01, Dario Capitanio proved the best in the Prestige Class and seized, along with David Fumanelli, the Endurance Title. Both raced with Oregon Team that also seized the teams' title. The 20 y/o driver from Rome is probably the most impressive driver of the season held in the World Series by Renault weekends. Four wins, 11 podium finish and two pole position. This his perfect season's sheet, outcome also of the experience gathered in single seater, still in a Renault Series. Now Capitanio looks at 2016 when he will still race in the Renault Sport Trophy trying to seize yet another title possibly the overall. In the meantime, along with Fumanelli, he has been chosen as the new testimonial for the new advertising of the Renault Mégane GT (see)

We asked Dario how important were the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS years for his 2015 involvement in the Renault Sport Trophy. «Alps has been an impressive school for me at least for three different reasons. First of all the car is very well balanced and this helps in driving a real race car. Then, with so many drivers on track, even when you start from the mid of the grid, you have to focus on your racing strategy. Finally, as the quality is extremely high, you can figure out the margin you can gain looking at your rivals. Not just in pushing your car to the limit but mainly yourself».

This was your first season in the Series, still though part of the Renault family. What are your impressions? «The Renault Series are the most competitive in the motorsport scenario. My first experience with the R.S. 01 was not an easy one. The car is completely different form the formula I was used to race: It weights double as much, visibility is half the one of the formula but it also has double the power and an astonishing braking system».

What's the moment to remember in your 2015? «Definitely the win in Le Mans. Even if all the pressure was on me as I was dueling for the Title along with Richard Gonda, I've never made a mistake leading from flag to flag. In that occasion I've also figured out how to manage at the best a race. Then, of course, there is my first win in Nürburgring as it came after several second places».

What's your feelings about the team? «Our feeling grew throughout the season. Half way during the season everything was in place. Same with my team-mate».

What are your goals for the upcoming season? «Thanks to the success achieved in the Renault Sport Trophy, I will still have the chance to join once more the championship raced with the R.S. 01. I'll do my best to seize the Elite title this time».

More sweet words were those of the Renault Sport Technologies Motorsport Director Jean-Pascal Dauce: «In just one season, Dario managed to be part of the history of the Renault Sport Trophy. He was crowned as the first champion and even managed to win two titles! An impressive result definitely achieved with determination, pace and talent. His prize was to race in the 2016 24hrs Le Mans on a LMP2, he preferred though a more lasting involvement and he will still race in the Renault Sport Trophy trying to win the Elite title».



Dario Capitanio
Roma, 11 aprile 1995
2008-2010 Karting
2012 F.Renault 2.0 Italia (3°)
2013 F.Renault 2.0 ALPS (22°)
2014 F.Renault 2.0 ALPS (7°)
2015 Renault Sport Trophy (1° Prestige/Endurance)