22 Ottobre 2012

In Barcelona Daniil Kvyat (Koiranen Motorsport) seizes 2012 Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS title

<it>In Barcelona Daniil Kvyat (Koiranen Motorsport) seizes 2012 Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS title</it>

It was the very last race of the 2012 Season the one that awarded the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS title to Daniil Kvyat. The 18 y/o Russian driver of Koiranen Motorsport put his name on the Renault 2.0 singleseater yearbook succeeding to the Spanish Javier Tarancón

A three men final, with Paul-Loup Chatin out of the contest after Race 1 when - even after the second place behind Norman Nato - his gap from the leader was too big with just one race to go. It was Nato though - a Race 1 pole for him too - Kvyat challenger till the very last. A thrilling ending that was decided at lap three of Race 2 when the Russian that defended his leadership at the start, collided with Nato while the latter was attempting to pass by. Both cars ended up in the gravel.

The collision gave the title instantly to Kvyat, capable of achieving seven overall victories during the season, and opened the way to the Colombian Oscar Tunjo, that achieved his second win after the one  seized in Spa, granting Tech1 Racing an astonishing hat-trick with Chatin one more second and the Brazilian Felipe Fraga third. Behind them another Tech1 Racing driver, the other Russian Roman Mavlanov.

To be pointed out also the Junior title achieved by the Finn Patrick Kujala.

Race 1 (top-10): 1. Norman Nato FRA (RC Formula) 11 laps, 25’05”265; 2. Paul-Loup Chatin FRA (Tech1 Racing) 1”067; 3. Daniil Kvyat RUS (Koiranen Motorsport) 1”607; 4. Hans Villemi EST (Koiranen Motorsport) 3”063; 5. Oscar Tunjo COL (Tech1 Racing) 4”443; 6. Victor Franzoni BRA (Koiranen Motorsport) 5”706; 7. Aurelién Panis FRA (RC Formula) 8”453; 8. Bruno Bonifacio BRA (Prema) 9”104; 9. Roman Mavlanov RUS (Tech1 Racing) 9”772; 10. William Vermont FRA (Arta Engineering) 11”150.

Race 2 (top-10): 1. Oscar Tunjo COL (Tech1 Racing) 14 laps, 25’35”459; 2. Paul-Loup Chatin FRA (Tech1 Racing) 0”435; 3. Felipe Fraga BRA (Tech1 Racing) 8”848; 4. Roman Mavlanov RUS (Tech1 Racing) 11”932; 5. Patrick Kujala (Koiranen Motorsport) 12”507; 6. Hans Villemi EST (Koiranen Motorsport) 15”664; 7. Luca Ghiotto ITA (Prema) 18”000; 8. Victor Franzoni BRA (Koiranen Motorsport) 23”355; 9. Matthieu Vaxiviere FRA (Tech1 Racing) 27”005; 10. William Vermont FRA (Arta Engineering) 31”658.

Championship (top-5): 1. Daniil Kvyat RUS (Koiranen Motorsport) 217; 2. Norman Nato FRA (RC Formula) 214; 3. Paul-Loup Chatin FRA (Tech1 Racing) 194; 4. 4. Oscar Tunjo COL (Tech1 Racing) 97; 5. William Vermont FRA (Arta Engineering) 94.